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After being diagnosed with a disabling medical condition or sustaining a severe injury, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the associated costs. This is especially true for people who can no longer continue carrying out the duties of their jobs as a result of their injuries or illnesses.

Some insurance policies include long-term disability (LTD) benefits coverage. Available through some employers’ group insurance plans or privately held individual policies, LTD benefits offer eligible recipients a degree of financial relief when an acquired disabling medical condition makes it impossible to perform the tasks associated with their jobs.

LTD benefits could be made available to policyholders suffering from both physical disabilities and mental disorders. As a matter of fact, across the country, 30% of disability claims are attributed to mental health conditions.

Usually replacing between 60-70% of a recipients’ normal earnings, LTD benefits can provide essential financial assistance to people who – through no fault of their own – are no longer able to work in their chosen occupational field. Without access to the income to which they had become accustomed, many LTD claimants rely on this insurance coverage as a crucial life support mechanism.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always make it easy for eligible claimants to collect the LTD benefits they are duly owed. Despite meeting their policies’ criteria for disability benefits, many worthy applicants’ claims are summarily denied, often for reasons that are difficult to comprehend.

Applicants submitting LTD benefits claims are required to provide ample proof that illustrates the severity of their medical conditions and the prohibitive impacts they have on the claimant’s ability to continue working. However, even after submitting thorough medical evidence to an insurance provider, the insurer may still decide to deny an applicant’s claim.

Our Calgary long-term disability lawyers have combined decades of experience helping mistreated policyholders fight back against the unfair tactics often employed by insurance providers. If your insurer denied your claim for LTD benefits even though your medical condition should qualify you to collect these much-needed monthly payments, our long-term disability lawyers serving Calgary may be able to help you reverse their determination.

By formally appealing your insurer’s decision, our Calgary long-term disability lawyers may be able to help you recover previously withheld benefits payments, the LTD coverage you are rightfully entitled to, as well as any other damages resulting from your claim’s initial denial, including (in some cases) punitive damages. To learn more about working with our long-term disability lawyers serving Calgary, contact us today and receive a free initial consultation on your case.

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No one should be forced to take on a big insurance company alone, especially not people struggling to get by after being diagnosed with a disabling medical condition. Our Calgary long-term disability lawyers are passionate about fighting on our clients’ behalf for fair treatment.

At Preszler Injury Lawyers, we appreciate the financial toll severe injuries or illnesses can take on an individual, especially if they are unable to work because of their disabling conditions. That is why our long-term disability lawyers serving Calgary do our best to remove financial barriers to accessing our legal services. That is why your initial consultation with our Calgary long-term disability lawyers is always free, and why we don’t get paid unless you win.

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