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Not only is institutional abuse one of the most reprehensible crimes a person can commit, but it is an endemic societal issue that impacts the physical, psychological, and economic well-being of multitudes of survivors. And tragically, the people who tend to targets of institutional abuse are often the most vulnerable members of society: children, adolescents, and members of marginalized or at-risk communities.

According to the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services, childhood institutional abuse is a widespread issue in this province. One in three residents of Alberta are subjected to institutional abuse before reaching the age of eighteen.

Children cannot consent to sexual activities. Sexual predators often capitalize on their positions of power, authority, or dependency in order to engage in non-consensual sexual activity with children or vulnerable people under their influence who have reached the age of consent.

Institutional abusers often hold positions of trust; they manipulate that trust to coerce their targets into engaging in non-consensual sexual acts. If a target is in any way dependent on their abuser, the sexual predator might use blackmail, threats, or other forms of coercion to force them into engaging in non-consensual sex.

As such, many sexual predators work or seek out volunteer opportunities in positions where they can hold authority over others. By doing so, they can exploit this power imbalance to achieve their own, destructive goals. For that reason, institutional abusers are often find employment in:

  • Schools
  • Religious institutions
  • Sports leagues
  • Extra curricular programmes
  • Summer camps
  • Scout organizations
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Juvenile detention centres
  • Foster homes
  • And more

institutional abuse survivors are 26 times more likely to develop substance use disorders than others.

Furthermore, many people incur substantial financial losses as byproducts of being sexually abused. These losses can take on a variety of damages, including the costs of psychological counseling, reduced future earning capabilities, failure to reach earning potential, and more.

Our Airdrie institutional abuse lawyers are committed to holding sexual predators and the institutions that have abetted their abuse accountable for their actions. By working with our institutional abuse lawyers serving Airdrie, you could recover compensation and emotional closure.

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There is no statute of limitations on institutional abuse claims in Alberta. That mean, no matter how far in the past your abuse occurred, our institutional abuse lawyers serving Airdrie may be able to help you recover compensation for damages you have incurred as a result of a sexual predator’s criminal actions. Our Airdrie institutional abuse lawyers offer all prospective clients a free, confidential, no-obligation initial consultation, during which you can share as much or as little information as you see fit.

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