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How Surveillance Works in Personal Injury Claims

After being involved in an accident, injured individuals may choose to pursue a personal injury claim. Depending on the circumstances of the case, it could take several years to settle the claim. And during that time, accident survivors seeking compensation for their injury-related damages may be subject to various types of surveillance as a means of gathering evidence to disprove their claims. It is important to be aware of the types of surveillance insurance companies and defense litigators may use. To learn more, click here.

What Are Whiplash Injuries?

Even moderately severe car accidents can have long-lasting effects. When car accident survivors sustain whiplash-associated disorders, they may experience disruptive physical symptoms for weeks or even months after their collisions. As a result of their soft tissue injuries, they might be forced to miss work or incur other financial losses. To learn more about whiplash associated disorders and their potential impacts on an accident victim’s life, click here.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Calgary for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving in a major urban centre like Calgary can be challenging. Sharing the road with thousands of commuters, navigating construction zones and detours, paying attention to traffic signals and directional signs, and staying mindful of pedestrians and cyclists can be overwhelming for drivers in the city. And although motor vehicle accidents can happen anywhere at any time, certain intersections in Calgary have been proven to be more dangerous than others. To learn more about locations that require a bit more vigilance about personal safety, click here.

2023 Minor Injury Guidelines in Alberta

Motor vehicle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries of varying levels of severity. But regardless of how drastic or impactful they may be, any accident-related injury has the capacity to significantly disrupt someone’s life. Even injuries considered to be “minor” can cause an individual to miss work, seek out medical treatments and physical rehabilitation therapies, and incur additional expenses. They may also suffer non-pecuniary losses, such as pain and suffering. However, in Alberta, non-pecuniary damages resulting from minor injuries are subject to a payment cap. To learn more about the current minor injury regulations, click here.

What Are Section B Benefits in Alberta?

Car accidents can be expensive. In addition to the costs of repairing or replacing damaged vehicles and other property, people who have sustained injuries as the result of a motor vehicle collision often experience substantial financial losses related to medical treatments, missed work, and other expenses related to their injuries. Fortunately, anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident should be entitled to Section B benefits, even if their own misjudgments behind the wheel caused the collision to occur. To learn more about the coverage available, click here.