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The hallmark of institutional abuse is an imbalance of power. When an authority figure, an individual in a position of trust, or someone upon whom their victim is dependant uses the power they have over a young or vulnerable person in order to engage in non-consensual sexual activities, they have committed institutional abuse.

Perpetrators of institutional abuse often seek out employment or volunteer opportunities in fields that place them in close proximity to potential targets. Typically, these include:

  • Schools
  • Religious institutions
  • Sports leagues
  • Extra curricular programmes
  • Summer camps
  • Scout organizations
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Juvenile detention centres
  • Foster homes
  • And more

Child institutional abuse is, unfortunately, prevalent in this province. According to information made available through the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services, one in three residents of the province are victims of institutional abuse before the age of 18.

The adverse impacts of surviving childhood institutional abuse can continue to affect victims of this horrendous crime well into their adulthoods. Institutional abuse survivors often develop severe mental health disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and alcohol/substance use disorder. In fact, institutional abuse survivors are 26 times more likely to develop substance use disorders than non-victims.

In addition to the physical and psychological ramifications of being exposed to institutional abuse, many survivors face profound financial consequences, as well. In addition to the high costs of psychological treatments, many people who were victimized in their youth or adolescence could fail to reach their full earning potential. This can occur when, in response to the trauma they suffered, survivors of institutional abuse find it impossible to complete their education or vocational training, thereby foregoing future employment in their chosen career paths.

By working with our Calgary institutional abuse lawyers, people who were victimized may be able to recover compensation from their abuser or other contributorily negligent parties. For example, if a sexual predator was employed by an organization or institution that failed to conduct a sufficient background check or turned a blind eye to complaints about their inappropriate conduct, these organizations might also be liable for damages incurred by victims of their employee’s abuse.

In this province, there is no time limitation on institutional abuse claims. Victims may choose to pursue civil claims against their abusers and other liable third parties at any time, even decades after the abuse took place. To learn more about how our institutional abuse lawyers serving Calgary may be able to help you in your pursuit of justice and fair compensation, contact us and schedule a free, confidential, initial consultation.

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Our Calgary institutional abuse lawyers appreciate how much emotional fortitude it can take to speak about traumatizing experiences from the past. During a free initial consultation with our institutional abuse lawyers serving Calgary, you are welcome to share whichever details you feel comfortable disclosing in a safe, supportive, and confidential setting.

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