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Some people have insurance coverage through their employer’s group plan. Others have policies that they pay for individually. Depending on the terms of these insurance plans, these policyholders may be able to access long-term disability (LTD) benefits if they are diagnosed with a disabling medical condition that prevents them from continuing to work.

These medical conditions need not be strictly physical in order to qualify for LTD benefits. Eligible policyholders suffering from severe mental health disorders might also be able to collect LTD benefits if their condition makes it impossible to perform the duties of their jobs. Indeed, 30% of Canadian disability claims are attributed to mental health conditions.

LTD benefits are intended to replace a portion of a recipient’s regular earnings – typically between 60-70% – which might be subject to a payment cap based on the claimant’s salary. For people who are no longer able to continue carrying out the duties of their occupations, LTD benefits can be life-saving sources of income, providing financial stability for policyholders and their families during an extraordinarily difficult moment in their lives.

Sadly, even if a disabled insurance policyholder should qualify for LTD benefits based on the severity of their medical condition and the preventative impact it has on their ability to work, insurers often make it difficult for qualified claimants to collect the payments they deserve. In fact, insurers often look for reasons to prolong the claims process, delay payments, or deny claims for LTD benefits outright.

Receiving a denial for an LTD benefits claim can be upsetting and overwhelming. The reasons provided for denying a disability claim are often vague and difficult to understand. And, to people unfamiliar with the inner workings of insurance companies, the process of appealing an unfair determination can seem overwhelming.

Luckily, our Canmore long-term disability lawyers have experience standing up for the rights of the clients we represent and fighting the unfair tactics often used by insurance providers to wrongfully deny the claims of disabled applicants. By working with our long-term disability lawyers serving Canmore, eligible claimants could be able to recover the payments that were previously withheld from them, future benefits, and any damages arising from their claim’s initial denial.

If your claim for benefits was denied, you should not be forced to fight this battle alone. To learn more about working with Canmore long-term disability lawyers, contact us today and receive a free initial consultation on your case.

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Our long-term disability lawyers serving Canmore are committed to standing up for the rights of policyholders who have been unfairly treated by their insurance provider. If you can no longer work on account of your disabling medical condition and your claim for disability benefits was denied, book a free initial consultation with our Canmore long-term disability lawyers today and receive case-specific feedback about options that might be available to you.

In addition to offering a cost-free, no-obligation initial consultation, our long-term disability lawyers serving Canmore work on a contingency-fee basis. That means we do not get paid unless you win. To learn more about working with our Canmore long-term disability lawyers, call today for your free initial consultation.


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