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Long-term disability (LTD) benefits are designed to provide people disabled workers with a portion of their regular earnings if they are no longer able to complete the tasks of their jobs due to a physical illness, severe injury, or mental health disorder. As it so happens, throughout the country, 30% of disability claims are attributed to mental health conditions.

Structured as monthly income replacement payments, LTD benefits provide recipients with between 60-70% of their regular wages when they are unable to continue working and, by extension, are unable to continue collecting their normal earnings. The payment amount available may be subject to a salary-based payment cap.

However, even though LTD benefits are not intended to replace an individual’s entire regular salary, they can provide crucial financial support to people who are unable to continue working as a result of their disabling medical diagnosis. LTD benefits can offer a sense of financial stability to people undergoing extremely challenging situations.

In order to apply for LTD benefits, policyholders must prove the severity of their medical conditions and illustrate how their symptoms make it impossible for them to continue performing the duties of their jobs. Supplementary evidence an applicant may be required to submit along with their claim for LTD benefits includes:

  • Medical records
  • Results of medical examinations
  • Statements from attending physicians
  • A detailed description of job duties
  • A statement from plan sponsor (i.e. employer)
  • Other documentation

Unfortunately, even after providing thorough and compelling supplementary evidence, insurance providers often find reasons to withhold payments, delay the claims process, or deny eligible applicants’ disability claims altogether. In fact, even after issuing benefits payments to qualifying policyholders for months or years, insurers may choose to prematurely terminate their payments, leaving disabled people who cannot return to work in the lurch.

Some insurance companies believe that disabled policyholders whose benefits have been unfairly denied or terminated will not have the energy, knowledge, or emotional fortitude to fight back against the insurer’s determination. Indeed, appealing a denied claim and picking a fight with a large corporation alone can seem like a daunting, near-impossible task.

That is why it is so important to seek legal advice after receiving a denied claim for benefits. Our Grand Prairie long-term disability lawyers have experience standing up for the rights of people who have been unfairly treated by their insurance providers.

By working with our long-term disability lawyers serving Grand Prairie, you may be able to recover past and future benefits that have been previously withheld, as well as other applicable damages including (in some cases) punitive damages. To learn more, contact our Grand Prairie long-term disability lawyers today to receive personalized, case-specific legal advice.

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Individual policyholders and employers sponsoring group insurance plans pay monthly premiums so that they can access appropriate benefits when they are needed. By withholding LTD benefits from deserving claimants, insurance companies refuse to provide loyal customers with services for which they have already paid.

Our long-term disability lawyers serving Grand Prairie do not stand for this kind of unfair conduct. To learn how we may be able to help you by standing up for your right to fair treatment, contact us today and schedule your free initial consultation with our Grand Prairie long-term disability lawyers.


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