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Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) is a favourite local pastime. As it so happens, residents of this province own nearly a quarter of the country’s off-highway vehicles, despite accounting for roughly 12% of the national population.

Throughout the cold winter months, many off-highway vehicle enthusiasts look forward to the warmer summer weather in anticipation of opportunities to ride their quads, dirt bikes, and other kinds of ATVs. Taking part in this exciting social activity can be a uniquely fun and memorable experience.

Unfortunately, riding an ATV can also be extremely dangerous. Each year, approximately 6000 off-highway vehicle operators are hospitalized as the result of injuries sustained in ATV accidents across the province. And although the majority of injury-causing ATV accidents are single-vehicle events, many injuries – and fatalities – are the result of a collision with another rider.

If a negligent ATV rider engages in any form of wrongful conduct while operating their off-highway vehicle, their actions could result in a serious, injury-causing accident. If their negligence causes a collision in which another rider or trail-user is injured, the at-fault ATV rider could be liable for resulting damages.

Common forms of negligence that are frequently responsible for injury-causing ATV accidents near Edmonton include:

  • Riding under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Speeding
  • Carrying passengers on single-rider vehicles
  • Riding an ATV inappropriate for the operator’s age, weight, and experience level
  • Straying from trails
  • Operating the off-highway vehicle on highways
  • Failing to use headlights while riding at night
  • And more

Off-highway vehicle operators in Alberta must have liability insurance. Therefore, if a rider’s negligence causes an injury-causing accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance policy should cover the costs associated with their injuries.

However, insurance companies often dispute the claims of injured ATV accident victims, especially if there were no witnesses present at the time of the collision. Insurance companies frequently try arguing that the ATV accident was partially caused by wrongful actions committed by the injured accident victim. If they can prove that an accident victim was contributorily negligent, the amount of damages they might be awarded could be drastically reduced.

The injured survivors of ATV accidents face numerous challenges, including financial hardship. Faced with substantial financial losses resulting from their injuries, injured ATV accident survivors may feel overwhelmed and unsure of options for compensation that should be available to them.

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