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Particularly in the warmer spring and summer months, cycling affords many Edmonton residents the opportunities to enjoy the sunshine, exercise outdoors, commute to work in an environmentally-conscious way, and participate in a recreational activity with family and friends. Unfortunately, this widely-adopted method of transportation can be extremely unsafe.

Bicycle accidents resulting in injuries and wrongful deaths are tragic occurrences that have led Edmonton to be named one of the most dangerous cities to cycle in across the country. Sadly, in recent years, the problem has only gotten worse.

Recently, serious cycling injuries have spiked across the province with a one year-over-year increase in emergency room visits of 48%. This statistic is indicative of a widespread issue that continues to adversely impact innocent members of the local community: driver negligence.

According to the province’s Traffic Safety Act, all motor vehicle operators owe a duty of care to all other road-users – including cyclists. Failure to uphold this duty of care is considered driver negligence. If a driver strikes a bicycle rider, it is automatically presumed that the accident was the result of the motorist’s negligence. There is a reverse onus of proof on the at-fault motorist in bicycle accident cases. If two motor vehicles had been involved in a collision, the injured party would be required to prove that their injuries were caused by the other driver’s negligence in order to recover compensation. However, in cases where a motor vehicle strikes a bicycle, the motorist is automatically presumed to be responsible for the accident.

That said, negligent drivers still have the opportunity to try establishing that the injured cyclist’s own wrongful actions were partially responsible for the collision. If they are able to prove that the cyclist was contributorily negligent, the damages they might be awarded could be significantly reduced.

All injured victims of motor vehicle accidents should be able to recover Section B benefits, regardless of who was responsible for the collision. That means an injured bicycle accident survivor could be eligible for insurance coverage to help offset their injury-related costs. However, because the injuries sustained in bicycle accidents are often severe and costly, the benefits available through insurance providers may not provide sufficient compensation.

By working with our Edmonton bicycle accident lawyers, injured survivors of traumatic collisions may be able to pursue a civil claim against the at-fault motorist in an attempt to recover compensation commensurate with the severity of the injuries they have sustained. To learn more about working with our bicycle accident lawyers serving Edmonton, book a free initial consultation by contacting us today.

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