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Cars provide joy and freedom, unfortunately, accidents are an unavoidable part of driving. Even careful drivers can be dragged into an accident. As more people drive, the number of accidents steadily increases. Some accidents may cause nothing but minor scratches, while others can lead to life-altering injuries or death.

Our Leduc motor vehicle accident lawyers understand the struggle of dealing with collisions and litigation. Over the years, we have helped our clients navigate the legal world and secure compensation for injuries, relieving the mental exhaustion that comes with making a claim. We will take a lead role in helping you. If you or a loved one were severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact our firm to schedule a free consultation with our car accident lawyers.

Frequently Seen Injuries After a Car Accident

A car crash can cause a range of injuries, from minor scratches to major wounds. These injuries can significantly impact your life and daily routine. Even seemingly minor injuries can become serious, which is why seeing a medical professional to evaluate and treat your injuries is important. Common injuries that can lead to legal claims include:

  • Neck Injuries: Whiplash is a common injury caused by the sudden movement of your neck. Although at first glance it may seem minor, it can cause lifelong discomfort.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: Parts of your vehicle can break off into sharp pieces and cut you, which can cause significant bleeding and damage.
  • Head Trauma: The sudden impact caused by an accident can cause concussions and other head injuries that could cause long-lasting effects such as headaches which may take years to heal.
  • Broken Bones: Pelvic, arm, neck, and clavicle fractures are common in car accidents. Older individuals can take longer to heal and may require surgery.
  • Internal Wounds and Soft tissue Injuries: Damage to organs, internal bleeding, sprains, and muscle tears can all be triggered by the impact of an accident.

Car accidents can also trigger significant psychological trauma such as anxiety, a loss of will to live, depression, fear of driving, and PTSD. It is easy to overlook the significance of psychological injuries, but they can be as debilitating as a physical wound.

Always seek medical attention after a collision, initial panic can make it difficult to appreciate the extent of your injuries. A medical professional can assess and treat your wounds. Some of these injuries may need extensive care and may not be covered by your health insurance. In such cases, you may be able to sue for compensation.

Tips on How to Prevent a Motor Vehicle Accident

While compensation may be available to recover the costs of an accident, preventing an accident from occurring by practising safe driving habits is ideal. The following tips can be used to help you reduce the risk of an accident:

  • Obey Traffic Law: Traffic laws exist to protect everyone. Obeying speed limits, listening to traffic signals, and paying attention to road signs will help create a safe road environment.
  • Avoid Distractions: Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of an accident. Road conditions can change at a moment’s notice, which is why it’s important to be always alert.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: Impaired driving is a leading cause of death among teenagers. Alcohol and drugs can impact reaction times and your judgment.
  • Be Alert: Pay attention to other road users. Being alert improves reaction times and helps anticipate potential accidents. Ensure you are awake and well-rested when driving.
  • Be Mindful of Road Conditions: Changes in weather can cause accidents. Rain, snow, and fog reduce visibility and can cause your car to skid. Adjust your driving to reflect the weather.

These tips can be helpful in preventing an accident but won’t completely eliminate the risk. Preparing what to do and knowing your legal rights be helpful.

In the event you face serious injuries from a motor vehicle accident, contact our car accident lawyers. Our team will explain the options available and work with you to get compensation for the injuries you experience.

How Our Leduc Car Accident Lawyers Can Be of Assistance

A car accident can be life-altering, causing significant injuries, psychological trauma, and financial strains. Navigating the complicated legal world after a collision can be exhausting. This is where our motor vehicle accident lawyers can help.

Our legal team can provide guidance on your options and help you understand the type of compensation that you could claim, such as lost wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses, and emotional distress. We’ll handle case details, such as filing paperwork, meeting court deadlines, and communicating with insurance companies to ensure your case is handled properly and efficiently.

We leverage our experience to investigate the accident for your claim. Our team can gather and organize evidence, such as police reports, medical records, and witness statements. In addition, we will use our industry knowledge to negotiate with insurance companies to try to secure the best settlement amount possible.

If a fair settlement is not provided, our lawyers will build a compelling case and advocate on your behalf.

Since 1959, we’ve fought to help clients get the compensation they deserve. Our firm’s success is based on our client’s success, which is why we only get paid if you win a settlement. The road to recovery can start here.


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