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According to the most recent report on Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics, dozens of pedestrians are killed by negligent drivers throughout the province each year. Hundreds more are injured in collisions.

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable of all road-users. When drivers distractedly coast through intersections, ignore traffic signs and signals, exceed the posted speed limit, operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or engage in any other form of negligence behind the wheel, their wrongful actions could lead to the preventable death of an innocent pedestrian.

Even when pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles traveling at low speeds, their resulting injuries can be catastrophic. They can impact their overall quality of life, cause them to lose wages as the result of missed work, and force them to incur substantial expenses for medical treatments, attendant care, and other drastic lifestyle adjustments.

No one should be forced to lose their financial security because of a stranger’s negligence. That is why, if pedestrians are injured in a motor vehicle accident, they should be able to collect Section B benefits from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Additionally, pedestrians who were the victims of hit-and-runs or who were struck by uninsured drivers should be entitled to coverage. These injured pedestrian accident survivors should be able to recover financial support from the province’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program (MVAC).

That said, since the injuries associated with pedestrian accidents are usually especially severe and costly in nature, the insurance coverage to which they might be entitled may not be sufficient to replace a pedestrian’s total accident-related financial losses. However, injured pedestrians may be able to recover the compensation they are rightfully owed by pursuing a civil claim against the negligent driver responsible for their accident.

In pedestrian claims throughout the province of Alberta, there is a reverse onus of proof on the at-fault driver. Instead of requiring the injured party to prove that their accident was the result of the motorist’s negligence, the at-fault party is given the opportunity to prove that the injured pedestrian’s actions in some way contributed to the conditions leading to the collision. If the at-fault driver is able to prove that the pedestrian they struck with their vehicle was contributorily negligent and therefore partially to blame for their accident, the injured party may not be entitled to receive the maximum amount of damages they should be owed.

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