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There are many factors that can make a property unsafe. Depending on the type of location and its primary function, different types of hazards can exist in plain sight. A property occupier’s failure to rectify, repair, or warn guests about these types of hazards can cause unsuspecting visitors to the premises to sustain serious, sometimes life-changing injuries.

In accordance with the Occupiers’ Liability Act, the occupiers of commercial and residential properties in the province are required to provide a duty of reasonable care to their guests. In the context of premises liability claims, the term “occupier” can refer to an individual or organization that:

  • Owns the property in question
  • Is responsible for the condition of the premises
  • Controls access to the property
  • Oversees for the activities conducted on the premises

As such, they could include landlords, business owners, property managers, superintendents, tenants, employers, security personnel, landscaping companies, and other parties or entities responsible for a property’s goings-on and upkeep. If these responsible parties fail to fulfill the duty of care they are required to provide to others and an injury-causing accident occurs as a result, they could be considered negligent.

Depending on the nature of the premises, an occupier’s negligence could manifest itself in various ways. For instance, a residential building’s superintendent may neglect to shovel snow and clear ice in the parking lot outside the apartment they maintain. This negligence could lead to serious injuries. In fact, Alberta has the country’s second-highest rate of hospitalizations resulting from accidents caused by ice and snow.

The injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property can be disruptive to a person’s life at the best of times and fatal at the worst. Senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to severe or catastrophic injuries as the result of a slip and fall. However, regardless of age or physical condition, anyone who has been involved in an accident on someone else’s premises could be seriously injured, requiring lengthy periods of hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, time away from work, and more costly lifestyle adjustments.

There are many types of calamities that can befall an unsuspecting visitor to someone else’s premises. Our Airdrie premises liability lawyers have experience helping people who have been injured in different kinds of traumatic events on property owned or overseen by another party or entity. These are often instigated by various forms of occupier negligence and could involve:

  • Dog bites and attacks
  • Lack of security personnel on-site
  • Escalator or elevator malfunctions
  • Schoolyard accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Unaddressed fire hazards
  • Improperly cleared fire exits
  • Lack of fire safety protocol
  • And more

If you were injured while visiting someone else’s property, our premises liability lawyers serving Airdrie may be able to help you recover the compensation you deserve. To learn more about working with our Airdrie premises liability lawyers, contact us today and receive a free initial consultation on your case.

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