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When a person purchases a consumer item from a local store or online retailer, they rarely anticipate that regular use of that product will result in serious injuries. Instead, most people inherently believe that the things they buy will be safe for them to use.

Indeed, the federal government imposes strict safety measures on companies that manufacture, package, advertise, import, and distribute the following products:

  • Domestic items (e.g. appliances, furniture, etc.)
  • Recreational items (e.g. children’s toys, games, etc.)
  • Sports items (e.g. equipment, gear, safety pads, etc.)
  • And possibly more

These companies are required to abide by the safety guidelines mandated in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). These companies have a legal duty of care to future consumers, and must take preventative precautions to reduce the risk of harm to public health.

However, as a result of various forms of negligence throughout the chain of production, consumer products may be made available for public sale with dangerous defects, misleading labels, or incorrect safety instructions. When these errors or omissions occur, the very lives of unsuspecting consumers could be put at risk.

Negligence in the chain of production can take on various forms. Common examples of manufacturer negligence that could ultimately be responsible for unintended consumer injuries include:

  • Designing the product in a defective manner
  • Ignoring errors in the manufacturing process
  • Conducting safety tests improperly
  • Providing insufficient safety warnings
  • Failing to adequately communicate the risks associated with the product on its packaging/safety instructions
  • And more

As soon as a product manufacturer becomes aware that one of their consumer items is defective or potentially unsafe for use, they must alert the proper authorities so that a cross-country recall, advisory, and safety alert can be issued. If they do not take this crucial step, they could be considered negligent.

Unfortunately, by the time a manufacturer becomes aware of dangerous defects in the consumer items they design, assemble, distribute, package, or advertise, it is often not until someone has already sustained injuries. By taking legal action against the negligent product manufacturer, consumers may be able to help other potential victims avoid being injured and recover the compensation to which they should be entitled.

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