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Senior citizens are the people most likely to be involved in slip and fall accidents. They are also the demographic most susceptible to serious injuries as a result of a fall.

However, regardless of age or physical condition, anyone can sustain severe, potentially life-changing injuries as the result of a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property. Accidents can happen when you least expect them and, depending on the circumstances, they can cause serious damage.

Many injury-causing slip and fall accidents are caused by icy, snowy conditions. As it happens, dozens of falls caused by extreme cold conditions lead to injuries requiring hospitalization each winter. But slip and fall accidents can happen at any time of year.

In accordance with the provincial  Occupiers’ Liability Act, property owners and/or occupiers are legally obligated to take reasonable steps to make sure their property is safe for visitors. In the context of premises liability claims, the term “occupier” might refer to any person who is responsible for the condition of the premises, the activities conducted on those premises, or the persons allowed to enter those premises. Depending on the type of property in question, an “occupier” could be a property owner, business manager, superintendent, landlord, tenant, or other entity that controls access to the space.

Property owners and/or occupiers may fail to fulfill their duty of care by neglecting potentially dangerous maintenance issues on-site. For example, a property owner may inadvertently cause a slip and fall accident to occur by failing to address hazardous weather-related impediments like ice or snow, neglecting essential repairs of unsafe infrastructures on the premises, or failing to provide guests with sufficient warning about potentially dangerous maintenance issues on their property.

If a property’s owner and/or occupier fails to take reasonable steps to ensure their premises’ safety and someone is injured as a result, they may be considered negligent. In these situations, injured survivors of slip and fall accidents may be able to recover compensation for financial losses they have incurred as a result of the injuries they sustained.

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