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Car collisions, unfortunately, are an everyday reality seen on today’s roads. There is a risk every time you get behind the wheel, whether it’s drunk drivers or sudden changes in weather conditions. These risks can contribute to accidents that cause life-altering injuries, emotional harm, and financial loss.

Dealing with the consequences of an accident can be mentally taxing. Aside from handling the injuries and emotional trauma from an accident, victims may also be forced to deal with unexpected financial expenses. Knowing your legal rights can be key during this time. Knowing the best route of action to take, who to contact, and understanding the legal process can significantly affect your ability to recover from the hardships of an accident.

Whether you’re a passenger, pedestrian, or a driver involved in an accident, knowing your rights can help protect your legal and financial interests. That’s where our Lloydminster motor vehicle accident lawyers come in. We have years of experience advancing motor vehicle claims and can help you understand what kind of compensation you may be entitled to. Contact our team for a free initial consultation for more information if you or a loved one have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Car Collisions

Car collisions can cause many types of injuries, from minor bumps and bruises to severe and long-lasting impairments. Knowing the typical kinds of injuries caused by an accident can highlight the importance of getting medical attention and the role it plays in pursuing legal action. Some of the most commonly seen injuries caused by accidents include:

  • Whiplash and neck injuries: The sudden impact of an accident can cause your neck to be strained and cause significant and long-lasting pain.
  • Fractures and broken bones: Arms, legs, and ribcages are common areas where fractures and broken bones are sustained.
  • Head and Brain Trauma: Sudden impact can cause concussions and other types of harm to the head and brain.
  • Cuts: Broken glass and vehicle debris can cause cuts that can lead to bleeding.
  • Soft-tissue Injuries: These can include sprains, muscle tears, strains, broken ligaments and damaged tendons.
  • Internal Injuries: Force from the accident can cause internal bleeding and damage to organs.
  • Psychological Harm: The aftermath of an accident can cause emotional trauma such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fear of driving.

Seeking medical treatment is essential if you have been hurt in a car accident. Getting treatment can help improve the prospects of recovery. Some injuries can heal quickly, while others may take years to recover. Specific injuries can impact your ability to enjoy the things you love. If you were hurt in an accident and your day-to-day life was affected, you may have options to recover compensation. Speak to our Lloydminster car accident lawyers to learn more about these options.

Importance of Medical Attention Following A Motor Vehicle Accident

Getting medical attention after an accident is essential for many reasons. It can help improve your health and can play an important role in advancing a legal case. Many of the injuries caused by a motor vehicle collision might not immediately have obvious symptoms. The adrenaline and panic caused by an accident may hide any pain and injuries you may have. This can lead you to underestimate the full extent of your injuries. Seeing a medical professional right immediately can help ensure hidden injuries are found and treated.

Further, getting medical attention can help create a paper trail that supports your claim. Medical records are usually key in motor vehicle accident claims because they are used to support that an accident is what caused your injuries, which is key to getting compensation. Delaying getting medical attention could lead to the risk of insurance companies claiming that the accident was not responsible for the injuries but another unrelated cause is.

Some standard medical and rehabilitative interventions that are used to investigate and recover from injuries caused by accidents include:

  • Diagnostic imaging (i.e. X-rays, MRIs);
  • Seeing Specialists (i.e. internal medicine, surgeons);
  • Taking medications (i.e. pain killers and antibiotics);
  • Surgery;
  • Physical and occupational therapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Seeing a chiropractor;
  • And More.

Some treatments are covered by public and private health insurance, while others are not. Over time, serious injuries can cause thousands of dollars worth of expenses and lost income. Working with a motor vehicle accident lawyer may be able to help you recover some of the costs incurred from an accident. Our team of lawyers has successfully recovered compensation for many of our clients in the past. We want to help you recover to the best of your ability.

Insurance Coverage and Accident Benefits Available for Accident Victims in Lloydminster

If you choose to drive a car in Lloydminster, you must purchase auto insurance that provides $200,000 in third-party liability protection and Section B accident benefits. You may purchase additional coverage. However, this is not mandatory.

The purpose of Section B benefits is to provide monetary support for accident victims and their families. These benefits provide coverage for everyday expenses that occur after an accident. For instance, they include coverage for medical expenses up to $50,000. This will help you pay for needed treatments, medication, and rehabilitative therapies. These benefits can play a key role in helping you pay for medical services that are needed right away.

These benefits also provide a partial income replacement if you cannot work. Up to $400 per week can be provided for those in an accident to provide partial support for loss of income.

Lastly, in the unfortunate case that a motor vehicle accident causes a death, the benefit can provide support for families by covering partial funeral expenses, grief counselling, and a lump sum payment.

These benefits are a good start and can be a key source of support when navigating the financial expenses of an accident. However, these benefits are only available for two years following an accident. They also have a cap on the amount of support provided. That cap is dependent on the type of expense.

Given the time and financial limits of the benefits provided by Section B benefits, it can be helpful to speak to a motor vehicle accident lawyer as they can help you figure out other ways to get compensation for your injuries.

Resources for Uninsured and Hit-and-Run Accidents in Lloydminster

If you were involved in an accident where the at-fault driver either flees the scene or is uninsured, options may still be available. The government of Alberta launched the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program (MVAC) to provide victims of car accidents a choice to seek compensation. This program offers the ability to receive a maximum of $200,000 for injuries due to a motor vehicle accident. This program is only available if no other options are available.

How Our Firm Can Help

The legal system is adversarial, which means that you and the person you are suing have opposite interests. The person at fault usually has a large, powerful insurance company helping them fight the case. Insurance companies are experienced and knowledgeable about the law and are invested in reducing the claim amount as they maximize their profits. Taking on an insurance company and its lawyers while trying to heal from injuries sustained can be challenging. This is where we shine. We have years of experience taking on insurance companies and negotiating with them to get fair compensation for clients who have been injured in an accident.

Our goal has always been to help clients return to their life before the accident. We don’t get paid unless you win because we care and are invested in our client’s health and success. So, allow us to help you with your healing journey. Our team will do the heavy lifting of litigation, so you can take it easy. Schedule a free consultation to understand how our team can assist you with your case.

Types of Motor Vehicle Accident Claims That Our Firm Can Help You With

Sometimes, accident benefits and insurance aren’t enough. Luckily, there are often other ways to seek compensation, the most impactful method being litigation. Since 1959, our firm has advanced many motor vehicle accident claims. Each type of case presents unique challenges and requires different techniques to successfully advance. Some of the types of motor vehicle accident cases that we have successfully secured compensation for include:

  • 18-wheelers;
  • Passenger vehicles;
  • Commercial trucks;
  • Off-road vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles);
  • Boats and other watercraft;
  • Airplanes;
  • Pedestrians;
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles;
  • More.

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and were seriously harmed, reach out to our firm and learn more about our experience and how we can use that to support you.

Resources Available for Lloydminster Residents

In addition to our firm, the community of Lloydminster and the province of Alberta is interested in helping you recover from the aftermath of a motor vehicle crash. Community supports have been created to help victims of motor vehicle accidents recover. The following list is some resources available for you to use to aid your recovery. These resources are not associated or affiliated with Preszler Injury Lawyers Alberta.


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